Q: Is the building really haunted?

A: Yes. Almost every Insanitarium worker has experienced something unexplained(feel free to ask us).  There is also one story that has been told for years. It can be found at

Q: How much are tickets?

A: All ages are $15.

Q: Is the attraction handicap accessible?

A: Yes. We have wheelchair bypasses for all narrow areas and for our outdoor scene.

Q: What if it’s raining? 

A: No worries, we will still be open.  We have a waiting area inside and large tents outside for busy nights.

Q: How old do you need to be to enter the Haunted Attraction?

A: This is up to parents, but we rate our attraction "PG-13".

Q: Can I get my money back?

A: NO. All ticket sales are final.  There are no refunds.

Q: Will there be security?

A: An off duty police officer will be on site during busy nights.

Q: Could we be denied entry or asked to leave?

A: YES. We will not allow obscene or rowdy behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, etc. If you break ANY of our rules, you will leave without a refund. Even though it’s a scary attraction, it’s still a safe family environment.

Q: Can we take photos inside your haunted house?

A: NO. Photography and video recording are not permitted, but feel free to take all the pictures you want before you enter.

Q: Will the actors touch us?

A: Yes and No, the actors will not touch you, but their props will.  Because of close quarters, incidental and unintentional contact may occur. Please be respectful and do not touch our actors.  If you touch our actors, you will be escorted out of the haunt with NO REFUND and we will call the authorities if needed.

Q: Is this the exact same Haunted House walk-through as last year?

A: No, INSANITARIUM is updated and redesigned every year!

Q: May we wear Halloween costumes to your haunted attraction?

A: Yes, but for security purposes you may not wear a mask once you enter the doors.